Why Use PEO Source?

We believe you deserve a custom solution to all the payroll, workers comp, liability and compliance issues you face. Stop being shoved into a “one-size-fits-most” employee leasing box, and start putting many providers’ strengths to work for your multi-faceted needs.

PEO Source is your connection to PEO, Co-employment, payroll outsourcing, liability insurance, workers compensation, employee benefits, government compliance and human resources specialists.

What if every person who handled every facet of your HR – from the time you consider opening a business or hire employees till the time they retire or… need their career re-directed – was tops in their field? You could focus on what you do best…building and leading your business…and you could sleep well at night.

  • Are you looking for solutions to help manage your business more effectively?
  • Are you looking for ways to reduce overhead expense that add to your bottom line?
  • Are you looking to stay ahead of your competition?
  • Are you currently using a PEO or provider that is NOT meeting your needs or cost too much?
  • Do you know you need to do something different but not sure how or where to start?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we need to chat! We at PEO Source believe in good old fasioned conversation and sharing ideas. We won’t try to sell you anything.

After our conversation, if we’re a good fit for you… you’ll know it.

We’re here to help!

Let PEO Source connect you with the right person, the right product, the right company.
Get started today with your complimentary strategy session.

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